The Idea.

When we created These Decisive Moments we based it off of the belief that there is only one chance to capture a moment, and if you let that moment pass, it is lost. This is called the decisive moment, a phrase coined by street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. We are dedicated to ensuring that you remember your day, years later, in the best way possible: by reliving the memories and emotions that initially made it so important.

The Work. 

While each one of our team members has a very distinct, unique style, they mesh together remarkably well. We all started with a background in documentary work. Caleb began several years back when working as a film producer for nonprofit organizations, work which he continues to this day. Denise started as an artist, using photography to capture what she created and sharing it with others. Daniel dove into a street photography/portrait/film hybrid with his friends, and has been documenting things ever since.

The Team.

  • Caleb - When I'm not filming weddings, you can guarantee that I'm filming elsewhere. I grew up around cameras, I inherited the knack for film from my dad, who was a wedding videographer and dragged me around to his shoots while I was growing up. Currently I contract shoot for two different companies, run my own, and work for a plethora of nonprofit organizations. I've worked for TEDx, Activideo, COT, CA State, but my favorite work is nonprofit. For the past two years I've been the head of multimedia for Heart Ministries and have had the opportunity to film for them in Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines, along with doing photography and running their website. Outside of my busy schedule with Heart, I have worked for Courage Worldwide, Origins, VHICF, and associates of World Visions. 
  • Denise - I have always found comfort in art and the creative process. Before working on photography with Caleb I began as an avid drawer and painter. I believe having the privilege to grow up in San Francisco really sparked the love for art in my life. Whether it is working with water color, chalk or a camera; I have always wanted to share and expand on my passion in this area. I enjoy the outdoors a lot more than the average person (after all this is California), and I believe there is no better lighting and contrast than what the sun can provide to a photograph. In my work you will see I have a diverse set of sceneries I like to use and I am always on the hunt for the next best shooting location from Los Angeles to the Portland. I am excited to be one of the newest members of the TDM team and hope to provide you with best possible experience for your special day.
  • Daniel - Photography and videography have only been a part of my life for the past few years, but in those years it has become an integral part. I love photographing a mixture of landscapes and portraits and finding creative ways to incorporate the two. Anytime I go somewhere, my camera is with me and I'm ready to capture the precious moments that are worth remembering; I've learned that the candid moments make the best photos because that's when people let you see who they really are.